Trust and Communication

Trust and Communication

Ayida Lenon 1-2013B

Trust  and Communication

 Two keys to establishing and maintain  healthy relationships


As a married woman who has maintained a positive relationship with my husband for over a decade, I have often wondered why so many relationships fail. Why do women and men fall in and out of love peace and harmony within their male-female relationships?  There are many reasons but two of the main reasons are dishonesty and poor communication. Within this article I will discuss the essential keys that a woman and man must establish in order to maintain the love and balance within their relationship.

When my husband and I first met back in March 2001 I was 21 and he was 25 years old.  At that time I was trying to make some major changes in my life.  I had decided it was time to purify myself by letting go of poor habits such as excessive social drinking, smoking and partying. I wanted to become more healthy and happy and those habits only allowed me to express a small fraction of who I really was inside.  I was energized by these new and fresh ideas of myself on the very day that I met my husband for the first time. Perhaps he could pick up on this major change within me.  We gravitated towards one another on an energetic level, there were elements of who we would become together that were already being formulated, time was on our side. Now nearly 12 years later I can reflect on our journey together and see how trust and communication have carried our relationship this distance and the value we place on eachother has always been high.  Fearless and releasing burdens of pain or past programs we have worked hard to keep love flowing and trust as a strengthening agent.

We had many conversations with eachother long before becoming intimate. We communicated clearly and were transparent about our goals ideas and belief systems. We were not perfect and we still are not but we already knew what a healthy relationship should be. We had a vision and knew that in order to make this vision our reality we would have to work and refine who we were as individuals and as a couple.

There are 5 key elements that can assist a woman in seeking, establishing and maintain a healthy relationship with a man.

Value Yourself

Before a woman can even seek to establish a relationship with a man she should begin the maturing process within herself. She can take time to reflect on the way she thinks she dresses, how she carries herself and the way she socializes with others.  By letting go of what the society expects of her and embracing who she truly is as a woman can value herself and therefore a man can value her.

Visualize a Healthy Relationship

Within a society that continues to devalue male female relationships, a woman will need to formulate a new vision of a positive male female relationship, one in which both she and her mate are honored, respected and loved.  She will need to be inspired to grow and develop her nurturing qualities and her feminine nature. By valuing herself and natural feminine qualities and her mate’s beautiful masculine qualities a woman can create a vision of a positive relationship with her mate that will grow and become stronger over time.

Communicate with your mate

In order for any relationship to flourish, communication must be present.  It is very important for a woman to communicate her needs in the relationship for if she fails to do this her mate may not be able to provide that which she needs  leading to a disenchanted and unfulfilled feeling.  Poor communication can often lead to disagreements therefore, a woman who desires to establish and maintain a healthy relationship should communicate clearly her expectations of her mate in areas of belief system, lifestyle choice and child rearing early on to make sure both are on the same page and to relieve the need for disagreements later on.

Establish Trust

A relationship without trust cannot be called a healthy relationship. When a woman does not trust her mate, jealousy is able to thrive. Jealousy leads to anger and the relationship becomes toxic. This is why communication is vital during the early stages of the relationship because it creates a foundation for the a man and woman to establish who they are individually and what they intend to bring into the relationship.

Let Love…

A woman can establish and maintain a positive relationship by valuing yourself, having a positive vision, communicating clearly and establishing trust . value yourself and your mate so that love can flow freely.

In conclusion, trust and communication are very valuable to establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship. I would love  for you to share your experiences regarding trust and communication in relationships. Please leave a comment below and thanks again for reading.


+Ayida Honor


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  1. Mrs. Roosevelt 7:28 PM

    This is so true and very well written. You Go Ayida Lol

    • Ayida 10:26 PM

      Greetings Mrs. Roosevelt,
      Thank you so much for reading.

  2. Cinthia 12:54 PM

    Golden advices thank you !

    • Ayida 3:33 PM

      You are very welcome.

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