Afrique Caribe Wristcuff
Afrique Caribe Wristcuf 2Afrique Caribe Wristcuff 3

Afrique Caribe Wristcuff


Product Description

Inspired by the African Caribbean culture in which I was raised, this beaded wristcuff features black, red,yellow, green and gold.  Two intricate  herringbone beaded panels have been weaved together and onto a black hemp cord that ties around the wrist. Fringes below the design and towards the fingers bring fluidity to your every move.  Loops of beads cradle copper bells for a beautiful sound. A strand of beads leads to an embellished cowrie shell and two adjustable beaded memory wire rings. Beadwork is Double weaved.

Note:  This item is Made to Order.  Please allow 2  weeks for your item to be completed.  Once completed your item will be shipped.

Afrique Caribe Wristcuf 2Afrique Caribe Wristcuff 3



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