Emerald Empress Cowrie Ring 1
Emerald Empress Cowrie Ring 2

Emerald Empress Cowrie Ring


Product Description

You are Royal!    This cowrie shell ring symbolizes the flow of abundance and prosperity at your fingertips.

Cowrie shell is  embellished with gold plated copper wire  and attaches to Two beaded memory wire rings which are both fully adjustable.
Shades of gold, green and crystal to bring indigenous style bling to your fingers.

The large ring rests upon the bottom of finger while the smaller ring rests upon the tip of finger right below the nail bed.
So beautiful and unique!

Due to the structure of this ring you will have the grace of partial range of motion/flexibility.

Note: This item is Made to Order.  Please allow 2 weeks for your item to be completed. Once completed your item will be shipped

United States only!
International Customers must purchase a minimum of $70 total in products.



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