Pink Purple Power 1
pink purple close of bag and cuffPINK PURPLE EARRINGSPURPLE AND PINK CLOSE UP BAGpink purple wrist close up

Pink & Purple Power Trilogy


Product Description

You are purchasing the Earrings ($40) and Body bead Pouch ($85)   Wristcuff ($50) ~3 piece set.

Body Bead Pouch:  Pouch beaded in a beautiful pink and purple triangular design with beads cascading down from the pouch. Feature purple dagger beads.  Pouch sewn on to brown ultra suede cloth. Inside features a self love scroll tied with satin ribbon and a sweet cowrie shell. Beautiful long strands of beads attach to the pouch to tie around the neck and across the waist.  Ties around the neck and torso with brown hemp twine for a natural feel.

WristCuff: Art Deco style triangular patterns to match the pouch. Strands grace the hand leading  to a beaded memory wire ring.  Dagger beads dangle and bring fluidity to your every move. Silver  plated toggle clasp.  Please add your wrist measurement upon purchase.

Earrings: Match the body bead pouch with an upside down triangle pattern and loops of beads grace the shoulders.



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