We realize that handmade earrings cater to an entirely different market segment. The buyer of handmade earcuffs, generally speaking, does not pay attention to brand names but they rather focus on the quality of the jewelry pieces. This is because handcrafted earrings lack the backing of the big brands earring manufacturers which are made from the factories of the large corporations who control the big jewelry makers.

Handmade Jewelry Comes in Large Varieties

When one speaks of handmade jewelry there is actually a large variety of such designs. They can be the spun jewelry which is made of fine threaded components made to form a beautiful chain. Or they could be chunkier necklaces and bracelets that give a lot of scope for customization of it’s every part. These customizations may include anything from glass beads, silver trinkets, silver hooks, precious and semi-precious stones that are affixed by various ingenuous methods and look very attractive indeed.

A Disadvantage of Buying Handmade Jewelry

If there is one disadvantage to buying handmade jewelry, it is that sometimes you may find that such pieces cost a little or significantly more than the normally manufactured jewelry pieces. However, this is to be expected since the handmade jewelry pieces are manufactured by a human who uses his or her own hands to craft the items. Hence, choosing handmade jewelry items are usually of a higher caliber and also much more innovative in design and unique in concept than the factory made versions.

Jewelry Created from Raw Materials

Some of the raw materials that jewelers use to craft exotic looking handmade jewelry collections range from even pearls of different sizes and colors to resin work, enamel and mirror work that is embedded in intricate patterns amidst the delicate silver work.

Some Cultures are Known for Handcrafted Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry, like our handmade earcuffs are sometimes created as a cultural tradition in the case of a few cultures who pride themselves on the exquisite work their artisans are able to create. Such examples of jewelry is seen amongst the indigenous tribes which have exist several extremely skilled craftsmen capable of making timeless designs. Some handcrafted jewelry is traditionally heavier than the lightweight stuff that is seen with increased regularity today. However, this only adds to the charm that such pieces bring to the person who wears them. Some of the jewelry pieces have chunky additions to them that transform the look of the wearer to that of a bold one.