The most important step one can take to preserve any jewelry is simply by cleaning it, to preserve the beauty and its longevity. For beaded jewelry one can use a soft cotton cloth and some water but one should not leave the jewelry soak for an extended period. For copper jewelry, it can be cleaned with high acidic content, like the lemon juice, tomato ketchup this can be a quick and easy methods one can use. Even though a benefit of buying handcrafted jewelry is its delicacy, it is also a disadvantage. You have to be careful.

Clean Copper Jewelry Using Ketchup

First and foremost, simply smear the ketchup on the jewelry, rub the jewel with fingers until it brightens, and retains its color. Rinse with cold clean water thoroughly to make sure all the tomato ketchup has been eliminated from the jewel, take a clean soft cotton cloth and wipe ant water left in the jewelry, as water can cause rusting if left in the jewelry for a long time.

Clean Handcrafted Jewelry with Baking Soda

First and foremost, make a baking soda paste, rub it on the jewelry until it shines, some rub using their fingers and hands, while others rub using an unused toothbrush, a toothbrush can distribute the baking soda paste evenly, after rubbing the baking soda paste, one has to make sure the jewelry has shined completely. Rinse the paste thoroughly; this can include cleaning it with clean water more often. Dry the jewel, with a soft clean cotton cloth. Leave it to dry completely before wearing it again.

Clean Jewelry with a Lemon Juice or Worcestershire Sauce

Place the jewelry in a dish and pour the cleaning agent over the item, allow the jewelry to sit for some time in the liquid. One can still use an old unused toothbrush to clean it just a little bit more. Rinse the jewelry with clean water then pat dry with a soft cotton cloth until dry completely.

Storing handcrafted jewelry is also a way of caring for the jewelry, like keeping them untangled by keeping them hanged in a jewelry box, a hook, or a jewelry organizer. Beautifully created hand crafted earrings can be hanged on an earring stand or any other place that can prevent them from being scratched, tangled, or ruined. Finger rings should be kept in a jewelry box or a drawer. Silver jewelry must be sealed when not worn that prevents it from receiving moisture and air which can cause tarnishing. One can also protect handmade jewelry by not wearing it when swimming or bathing or maybe doing something that involves sweating. One is also advised to remove the jewelry when doing heavy duties that can make the jewelry get scratched or bent. With the semi-precious stones, the pieces should not be cleaned with harsh chemicals as the jewelry can become extremely damaged, but rather it can be wiped by a clean soft cotton cloth and dried completely before wearing it. For the crystal beads, blend one-part ammonia solution and clean pure water. Place the beads in the solution and rub gently on the affected places. Rinse well and dry them, in the same way, they were before being dipped. Allow some time for them to dry completely. There are numerous ways to care for jewelry.